two diary entries as October and November pass by each other (2022)

past diary entries (– October 8, 2022)
anotherworld — in betweens and outsides A blobby figure stands atop an on/off switch icon from iOS, thinking, “How nice it is, To not have a worry in the world.” Below and across are various trees, with winding, fantastical branches, who talk to each other scatteringly.
largeandsmallagain - nooks and crannies A blobby figure regards a constellation, thinking about Posenet: ‘Posenet is a machine learning model that analyzes and scans the image of your body for key joints, displaying them as a seventeen-dot matrix/representation… the resultant images remind me of space trash, all the debris that’s been left adrift out there. It’s kind of poetic, really, how the heavy, heaving, folded, weary flesh becomes ethereal, a constellation that expands and contracts, breathing.’
unravel - openness
uncertainground - /
trains - /
thegarden - pushing a boulder up a hill all this time
ooze - all over the place
pounding - a pulse
blithe - a breeze
rut - a purgatory
glow - hum and heat of computer
pause - overcast day
slug - slight (subdued) relief
glance - wonderful blue sky
nodding - bops