late june, 21

been mulling over how to organize this site, i think i've become obsessed with glorious releases, big announcements about a new update. it's gotten to the point where i pick apart metaphors for what this can be, that i've postponed any type of experimentation. for now i've gladly settled down with this idea of my website as a kind of oracle, soothsayer, fortune teller, largely because i have ideas that sort of relate to this that i'd like to round out and finish.

American Gods has been so influential it's kind of ridiculous: i've dedicated channels to sculpting out the context around this fascination, thinking about the texture of time and events, how things feel, really getting sentimental (19th century mourning album and all). a lot of ambitions and dreams, hopes for the remote, distant future where my mythic timeless compelling letters from the terminal, the recesses of computers, the feeling of gathering in a circle before a fire, finds an audience. but i'm reminded again that sometimes the first person who makes up my audience is myself. *