thinking about desire lately, and what it means to set aside expectations of physical intimacy. i can feel this being a longer text though, so i guess i'll write it by hand first

(on a sidenote, gonna make this my actual journal i think. i like how this is searchable and i dont think i really care that its still tied to me in a semi-public way. i guess leaving names out should be enough. though i wonder if i should handwrite this)

(sidenote to the sidenote, really enjoying listening to a foreign language playing in the background like this as i think in english. does the texture of a language change once you start learning it?


proposing to schedule calls instead of promising to call and not showing up, and going through a cycle of promising and not following up: being explicit in how two people are present in a relationship — this is a sign that i start taking a friendship/relationship seriously, i think

in some ways i almost prefer friendships where we dont keep on saying stuff like Oh we should catch up! because you assume that any subject is pretty much open for discussion/to hold space. whereas with friendships (namely two of them) where the person and I have laboriously gone back and forth with Oh I'll call you tomorrow, lol can't do tonight,,, I don't value them that much because communication is always so sluggish, and in an especially frustrating way.

i think i'm reflecting and realizing this because now that im working and making friends is decidedly different from how it was in college, i begin to value efficiency and directness in communication rather than drawn out, hollow promises.


feeling ok, even though so many things are still so uncertain. submitting to jobs on linkedin doesnt seem to work much... gonna have to do all the networking through talking to people, which is how i learn sometimes anyways

wanna check out that gallery in town


hot day, even with the air conditioner on. entire day sort of wasted and shriveled up from scrolling through social media and obsessively checking notifications. writing this at 2 in the morning the next day, god everything feels so messed up, or in stasis


god this song ... dug a little through Kevin Abstract and Romil Hemnani's discography yesterday and I'm so glad to be alive in the same as when this music is being made. real lucky

(this song also loops so well ... i can feel a near tired-out replay session coming) but today as i was walking back i noticed how i wasnt feeling really comfortable. it was because these pants were handed down from family, i think. even though i liked the length/cut it was rather tight; from tuesday and wednesday i realized i really do like the way baggier pants feel and move as opposed to these tighter (not because it fits well having been tailored, but more so because of shrinkage haha) ones that i didnt choose myself.

feeling grateful that as i work in a creative industry there isnt as much of an emphasis on wearing traditionally Western formal businesswear. for a while i was sending fam what i'd wear to work because i didnt trust my own taste or sense of style enough... stopped doing that this week after getting these jeans. how much of personal style is failing with elegance, trial and error with conviction


this conference is so intense


brief sketch and sit outside today. telling myself it’s not nervousness, it’s excitement and embarrassment isn’t real to psych myself up


gingerly picking this website back up...


coding outside. feels good. could be less reactive when talking with family. gotta work on that inner stillness.


wish i could say no to things more

wondering if _ brings out the worst in me sometimes. need more time by myself.


quick journal entry before i reset my mood

a little embarrassing, how i kept repeating how i didnt expect to get recognized for the past few months but still care. i still care so much. i thought the past four years of being part of this school, running around doing things, starting small initiatives would amount to my name called out, a piece of paper thanking me for my contributions but really, what should i have expected.

i talked with mom about this insecurity, that even when i feel and truly believe that i can socialize with people and communicate well, that people still don't particularly like me, that i'm still repulsive somehow. even though i know that i have so much heart. (that i have so much to give.) we talked about working smarter, rather than harder, and i know i need to finish my outstanding assignments...

i just dont think i anticipated it hurting this much. it's a little amusing and i giggle because i kept repeating to my friend, i dont know... haha i dont know if i'll get it, and i usually dont care for these celebrations but i really do feel like i put my heart and soul into trying to organize things for people in the school. but it's happened; so there's not much to dwell on.

i sat outside with _ last night and i think i do want to take to heart what we talked about, how you should still stay positive. i'm proud of my accomplishments and what i've done in college and i truly do believe i've grown as a result of it all. i know that there are certain things i can control — how i present myself when im in company with others, my speech, my attire — so i want to do more in these areas, so that i can truly treat myself well

i know i'm worth it.


may first!! twenty two! a glorious day. went around the park with _ and we sat with the sun for a while. dinner with them on campus. came across this tiktok and wanted to send it to everyone.

i liked the moments of quiet with _, the fact that we've begun to embrace the stillness and silence. we talked about several things; it was quite scattered but very pleasant nonetheless.

(mom liked my project for one of my classes. it was really sweet to make something that she can use in daily life. i was really glad that she liked it so much, since its such a labor of love and ive been a little insecure about my work for the class, since im doing it more so from scratch... it was really sweet to show it to her. like i made this, and id like you to see it. show and tell again.)

this site has passed 20k views... what haha. i feel half of them are me frantically refreshing my page in an incognito browser to register changes.


once again feeling like ive talked too much. but i appreciate how i dont feel the need to act differently that much around _... even though i still can feel myself performing in front of them

ready for a renewed hermit era with more focus.

really glad that i didnt readily share the link to my one piece of writing that i treasure with the people who i think im not ready to share it with. i hope in the future i can honor my own privacy and secrecy and refrain from sharing so easily


back in the rut and the flop era... drove today which was a little daunting and helpless but im ok now

feeling very behind on this final degree project, trying to force myself to get stuff done but god

i think i will aim to get back on track tonight

disordered eating again, i need to give myself a reality check


i need to stop interrupting people when they're talking

mar 1, 22solid day. amazing weather, nice workshop. content.

pretty much couldn't help but overhear what some people were saying today about other people... i wondered what it would feel like if they said those things about me, and thinking back on stuff i've said about people who i both sort of and don't know, i realized it would hurt so much. feeling regretful of all the stuff i've said to seem cool or to make myself feel better when it put other people down... i really need to think before i speak.

feb 26, 22straw+blackberries at night, freshly showered, listening to nice instrumental music.

today has been sort of wasted away, but the confidence to absolutely dominate crush alpha male my way through outstanding work remains

shared Ashley Helal's music (semi)publicly today, which was rather daunting but glad it resonated with someone


a moment of slight embarassment: thought i'd locked myself in a welding studio (which was partially outside, gusts of wind shaking me, and started screaming at someone outside on a bike, thinking they might hear me, screaming help!?! as I didnt have my phone... then after a minute trying another door and getting out

oh god, this one's gonna be a personal inside joke just with myself


falling asleep in this film class; had talked to someone for a very intense hour and a half. do not care for small talk when its a class imposed obligation; not sure how to word this... weather has been much sunnier this afternoon, as if out of nowhere...


feb 14, 22my favorite podcast episode


feb 13, 22!!! a productive weekend. didn't push absolutely everything to the last minute, which has been nice. and folks from the cord have been lovely. would like to make signs for my neocities neighbors. not sure how i'd like to update my homepage—the map tags work well enough for now, but it feels a bit like a chore to update them constantly... how can i do more with what i have already?


drained after three studios and a film screening — 12 hours on campus, goodness

gotta hold my tongue and keep to myself. how do you direct thoughts inwards and let go of them?


jan 31, on feb 1back after a day of classes, was so excited to talk to ma about snagging a meeting with __ because he's influenced me so much, and what she says in response is something along the lines of "if your skin was clearer you'd be more confident."

was really taken aback because it felt out of nowhere and like she wasn't listening at all. and made me feel so much more alone, as if I should end up with someone ultimately, and that's still incomprehensible to me because i feel like i'm just not someone that people fall in love with, if that makes sense.* which is why i strive to treat myself well and indulge myself in whatever cosmic love might feel.

the whole time she was so hyped up because she was going to get on a call with her coworkers and i felt so... not exactly left out, but so remote. and because it was cny, and i missed my family, i was hoping for some light, pleasant chatter about her day and how its going for her (i showed her my 3d model for class) and she seemed to expect, or wish i was more high energy.

(and the holding back how i feel, smiling and nodding, the "ok take care, love you"s. because of course, who am i, how am i to expect i can take so much, that she can give so much to me, and have that be enough? it's rather greedy and naive, i think)

called _ later though, and it helped so much. i fell asleep after. i like that he asks me what kind of person i think i am, it feels like an in-progress checkin, not something to summarize someone with. and i enjoy his company. he's a good friend. i'm so lucky to have met him.

* even as friends: i still hold rather absurdly high standards for who's a friend


jan 30going to the mall yesterday made me realize that i am still so insecure: body image issuses, telling myself (convincing myself) that I don't belong places, thinking I'm still misunderstood. these past few months i've been telling people, "whoa the level of activity that i need to feel good and happy and delighted really is low," because a walk with a friend is enough. but going to the mall was different this time. there was also this haunting, sad, pasty feeling seeing stores close and shut down, and the going into a store only to feel like you're surrounded in a club or with some loud music... it revealed to me that i'm so comfortable in my solitude my comfort zone has been shrinking and i don't know how to be with other people. and eating (oh god) eating in public, eating spaghetti in public, no

so most of my work has been shifted onto today. which isn't bad, because yesterday really was a lot, i think, for me. once again, with hope in my heart that i can do this


mango lassi... i love you


solid day of mostly nothing... celebrating new year with 47SOUL... let the next half year be blessed with growth, challenge, and risktaking


i am on the path to convincing myself that if i procrastinate one task i will do other important tasks so that i wont feel completely defeated / stuff is coming together / flourishing / want to cook more / want to be kinder


waking up with a headache. probably from my phone... had this vivid nightmare that i embarrassed myself beyond atonement online and its so so real, kinda burned my brain a bit because it was like i was experiencing it in HD


going to put the really private stuff here i think, because there's nowhere else i know to put it, and hopefully i can still shield it with vague wording so its still password protected, softly encrypted, in a way. i dont know who i can talk to this about because i fear the judgment and disappointment


some very personal stuff that i still think about that i wonder if i can tell anyone, because it makes me feel gross and weak and weird. i guess life is learning from past mistakes and moving on

i wish i didnt have to feel like i had to feel a certain way in order to be "properly human" if that makes sense


two long calls with family and an acquaintance. really spent the day listening to music and sleeping here and there. lazy day but i'm a bit more energized now.


some chats today, glad to be there for friends. really channeling "finding rituals" to not feel so floaty... excited to write to K.


broke down during my one on one meeting with an instructor today. she said something along the lines of "i know i'm pushing you, but i know you can do so much" and it felt so good for someone to believe in me that much. eyes went red fast and they're warming up again as i type this.

i went to the bathroom to straighten myself. i've been so stressed, even after letting go of that mad dream of "fostering studio culture". im so tired, tired of rushing around.

im really glad i got a gig (and another) though, i want to make sure i get it right

it's been such a long time since i last updated this yard here carefully, 认真... i want to be here most of the time i go online in the future, i think. talked about the "i'm baby" meme with B and for a while wondered whether i'll continue to take care of myself instead of finding that in someone else. the language still feels a little goofy though.


deciding to devote all my attention to whoever's talking to me at the moment; i want people to feel comfortable talking to me, not like i'm elsewhere, not like i'm doing something else. also adjusted some social media settings to be quieter, sensing people pulling away when meeting in person and that's alright. i just need to focus on myself.

talked to one of my instructors yesterday and it was great. i do worry that the way i talk — so fast and brisk — is overwhelming; how can i talk about things in a measured enough manner? i think i'll go to the park to read in the morning again


early september, 21first week of school. realized i've (always?) been so solitary, wondering how i can change that to be a little more outgoing — but not as forward as i was sophomore year. eager to set a good example for myself by not procrastinating this time around...


roommate moved in fully today, i'd cleaned the apartment (not fully, thoroughly, but a general sweep and declutter (at least superficially) and today i learned a very important lesson, which is to always wash my dishes & cookware right after i finish eating.

school resumes on monday, which is a day away, and im wondering if what im feeling right now is a general expectant and resolved anticipation, trying to look ahead postgrad but not knowing how because i didnt have an internship this summer.

recently ive been thinking back a lot to my days in high school in __ — it feels a little solemn to start getting to know a place only when you know you're about to leave it. i finished reading A Farewell to Arms a few days ago and the ending was anticlimactic; onto The Sun Also Rises.

this morning i walked around on campus (just the art school) to put up flyers. it was around six thirty when i got there and the area felt like it was rolling over in its sleep. it reminds me of being a tech monitor and doing my rounds around seven, sometimes six fortyish, and dashing around the art school buildings under the cover of the early morning.


started reading A Farewell to Arms... first few pages had me feeling so disinterested. I'm not sure how I got myself into Hemingwayisms when I find his writing itself so terse... what I loved about Cannery Row was how the language didn't feel like it was rationed out; perhaps it makes sense, then, that Ernest Hemingway's writing feels like this because of what he had gone through.

The other day I tried to put into words in my diary the way a climate shapes a people; I didn't get very far because I got tired of my handwriting. My letters knot into a scrawl and it doesn't feel elegant, pretty, satisfactory; but yes, I was trying to explain how it feels to see and meet and talk to people who grew up with some kind of weather, the way idioms grow out of customs that relate to the land itself. I think it's appealing to me because I have this romantic vision of plein air painting by the shore, (like Timothy Wilson's landscapes, or Camilla West's), and it intensifies when I think of passages from Virginia Woolf and W.H. Auden...

a painting of a landscape: the sky is muted, as if the sun is set; in the foreground and to the right, stretches of land — grass, bushes, trees.

(Timothy P. Wilson)

an abstract painting of a landscape, broad strokes of color vivid against each other, vibrating: the sky is overcast and the ground is brown and orange, as if sand.

an abstract painting of a landscape: the sky is overcast, a wash of blue; the waters are gray, reflecting a brillianit blaze, golden orange, in the distance.

(Camilla West)


whoa. its been an intense couple of days. finished reading three books this week (Cannery Row in a sitting) and mulling over this feeling when the book ends, when you can feel the last few pages coming, when that romance, that relationship, reaches its conclusion.


everything is so intertwingled


was about to transfer some of the sentences i had been underlining to my commonplace book, when the emptiness of the pages, way too free without the reassurance of rules and lines, at once felt disgusting to me. this handwriting, this scrawl revolted me — but why? Is it because it isn't easily decipherable, and if it were incomprehensible, did I feel that it should be so in a more beautiful way?

i loathe this feeling; it feels like a sluggishness (maybe from sore muscles), a stagnation that's all the more reinforced with the still water standing in my sink, which i need to figure out how to fix, if by some online home remedy or by calling maintenance... there's a kind of sloth that feels offputting.

read for two hours or so today, it was slow, leisurely reading, which was nice, but fuck i'm slow. wonder if quantifying my reading pace (forty pages an hour, sheesh) will do more harm than good?


goddamn the tour i gave today was so scattered: speech littered with ums, ahs, and sorrys, anticipating apologies. but i somehow bs'ed my way through it which is solid. // just finished a BWF RR (roughly) — I need to remember how this feels. it feels good. hadn't realized how weak my arms were — hopefully if i keep working at it, one day i can complete a proper pushup. // also realized im more resourceful than i thought i was; was able to find some makeshift items so there aren't really many excuses to resort to.


first days of august, 21got my dental stuff sorted out! and with the magazine done and the summer not as grueling hot — truly 炎热 — i feel much better now. i think i can set a good tone for myself this month :•) —— also excited to finally start the fanpage for fruits and veg. cheers to all


late july, 21so glad to have finally logged out of netflix. did watch a ton of stuff ive wanted to, though:

  • tuca & bertie
  • bojack horseman
  • the midnight gospel
  • the good place
  • middleditch and schwartz
  • (some) documentary now!
  • community

it does feel real good to have a deadline to work towards, though. its gonna be a rough few days but i still have a month to get in touch with myself again.


early late july, 21been feeling emotions much more complicated and nuanced than i had before. i think this is a fruitful thing as the lifelong journey and path of learning who i am stretches on


mostly watching bojack horseman and doing very inefficient work for the magazine. tearful and very emotionally charged phone call with dad. i cant imagine myself living to forty, death always felt like an emergency, a random accident in the near yet distant future where things happen to stop. maybe i should imagine how it'd be like at old age. i told dad that i can't be best friends with mom because we're so different and because maybe on a subconscious level, i dont want to be — because i want to be there for myself. so dying alone doesnt feel so scary of a prosepct. i just — here it goes again, just want to be part of a community, to feel like this has a purpose, especially when design is at such an identity crisis ridden state. oh god.


today has got to be the last day i fall into this rut. a tarot reading from 4.30 has me pulling myself out of this situation. reflecting on a reading from a month (& a week or so) ago, this overall feeling of stagnation, delay, unmotivatedness has got to be resolved.


another day half wasted away, familiar thump of a headache: i want to turn this life upside down, shake it a few times, and reorganize it. called mom yesterday, we talked about life and death, i tried to explain gifts as bundles of responsibilities, it vaguely worked. she still clings to the subject of a car and how i haven't gotten one: its just so much.

i think it'll restart with a better sleeping schedule and forcing myself to do things. sometimes the weight of a body feels redundant; i wonder how itd be like to be all spirit, all consciousness, just pure energy floating around.

half of my summer break has passed: a full two months have gone by, and i have a month and a week left. kind of funny, kind of sad how i keep drafting up grand calendars trying to portion out my time in some ultra efficient way but it doesn't work. even the tiny projects have come to a halt... damn. might need to create a section to keep track and hold myself accountable.


early–mid july, 21it's been a drowsy, sluggish, tired, uninspiring couple of days, maybe two weeks — i keep falling out of routine. yesterday scrolled through my photos and found it tragically amusing that i'd use Meitu to really dig into my insecurities... i dont find myself that self-deprecating these days, i think mostly because i've accepted that things are as they are & it's best for me to be grateful for what i have: movement, senses, the like.

social media is getting really tiring. or maybe its because i keep accidentally falling asleep and wake up with a faint headache. but it's also sadly romantic, i think, to search for an audience while quietly panicking about this crumbling world. wonder if America has come to terms with its fading out? i wish this country could keep to itself, improve its infrastructure, but it's so characteristic of it to seek infamy and go out guns ablaze.

mythology still feels so important, so primal / i hope i can enjoy the rain more next time, when it thunderstorms

got a diary :-)


called _ at 1 in the morning as i was scrubbing the tub, drowsy call but i shared some stuff that i read recently. they bring up good points but i do think it's a kind of you had to be there thing to understand

i've got maybe a week to finish up my submission — excited to check out what other recent college grads have been doing. not expecting much, but i definitely need to give it my all. would also be a good opportunity to refamiliarize myself with aftereffects.

adobe is so expensive though, gosh


gotta snap out of it holy shit


i am falling asleep/continually yawning during this work... i think i need to learn to code more, maybe work wont feel so drab that way


met up with an online mutual, conversation was ok... i'll take it as it goes, taking it easy, not worrying about finding my crowd or my scene for now i think

one thing that this has led me to do is feel like i need to be out more! i'm gonna check out that cemetery today, and read by the water come sunset.


yesterday was a whole day of sluggishness. woke up early(ish) today determined to do some work


Head pounding from too much sugar from a bottle of lemonade, I think? lazy day with a nice extremely low stakes crafting session in the afternoon. didnt bother to take down the janky little paper sculptures we made with scavenged paper and tape.


sometimes i wonder if i am too forthcoming with some people. i dont want to play these weird mind games where i follow/dont follow someone and the in person guilt makes me reveal more about myself than i am comfortable with. i think because i already have so few close friends i give more than i should

anyway. working on a HTML project that i'm excited about, and thinking of submitting to ERM :•)


quietly updating my neocities website


i completed this mat for my laptop yesterday :•) the bands of color are deep purple, lighter purple (almost lavenderish i think?), pink, light blue, and dark blue (phthalo blue, maybe). a photo of a laptop resting on a crocheted mat.

somehow made it through all my classes today, gonna code a more public facing website (for people who know me IRL/as a near working professional) and stick my digital fabrication class projects on there. overall cheerful. thought i failed a presentation disastrously today but it turns out i might've been too harsh on myself. three ish more hours on campus and i can go home and rest.

excited to seriously (!!) start working on the animation for my parents and jewelry for a friend. also would like to crochet more things for my devices... enjoying this learning curve


mid feb, 22dreams of racing on a bike, doing flips while biking and failing, but picking myself up—do i want a bike? subconsciously?

also what is it about the layout of pages like this that's so comforting


throbbing headache throughout the day, cleaned up early evening and compelled myself to ignore it

had been falling in and out of sleep, avoided devices for first few hours and read instead. read The Pleasure of the Text and didn't understand it. didn't understand the apparent insistence on Freudian theory, didnt get much of the literary theory either, but enjoyed the idea of eroticism as something that emerges from an "appearance as disappearance", a staging of absence.

cried to Mitski and felt better


doesn't feel real that it's december 28 already, 3 days left to the year. i dont want to feel like my life is slipping away right under me like this


dont generally care for niceties or the idea of being "nice" in general, nor the idea of being "good", i think. i dont feel there's a way to "live well" either. took a D&D alignment test today and saved the results, but do i really need to save it? or is this another way for me to feel tethered and "comfortable" with the ego?

as i was taking the quiz i wondered whether my answers/choices were aspirational or really how i would realistically act. and while the premise of the alignment system may be flawed, i found it nice (?) that as i expected, chaotic good wasn't as prevalent as people (gen z pretty much) might like it to be. all this to say that im realizing that i only really care about my work because my social life doesnt offer much stimulation/excitement, so i get all wrapped up in the politics of design. which can be a little harmful if i base my entire identity off a job.


nice to wake up early without the alarm and watch cars move through the fog (or is it mist?). feels like something out of Polar Express (even though i havent really watched/seen it at all)

thoughts a little disjointed as i jump on and off social media

but yeah, still feeling pretty gross from personal encounters. because the convenience of forgetting (ghosting) is not possible for this one im receding further and further, not wanting to let personal spots get ruined. i want so badly to brush it off and treat it like no big deal but its another reminder that im such a mess. i just want things to fade away, but will it ever just do that? god, i feel like i need to set rituals with myself.


a l e x · 天気

it's Thanksgiving Day today. I'm not doing anything fancy for it (gonna work on job applications and the like), but I am glad that I've carved out a little moment to reflect and (meme aside) ponder. Roll back the past few weeks and turn inward.

things are looking up for me, i think: i've gotten a gig at a small company i really admire, and an essay I'm still quite/really proud of got accepted into a journal. met up with a long time acquaintance on Tuesday and realized we have little in common. buoying up the conversation was like doing a talk show (that Seinfeld bit really is accurate)... i should learn to let bygones be bygones and be less resentful. i think i can be a lot to deal with at times.

another call with D, though, and that was really nice. to think that we've kept up this patchy communciation for five years or so is really something. i feel at ease, though my guard is still up in some ways.

the apartment is clean now, i've got vanilla chai tea (albeit a lil janky) and a soundcloud playlist going (it's the one—all the regulars, all the favorites) as i write this. gonna use leftover ingredients and cook today. this morning (maybe an hour and a half ago or so) i was telling myself, you gotta be aggressively optimistic and/or cheerful. because however natural this life is it in many ways isn't, and it's easy to lose sight of the "one shot"ness of it all... L is offline now and I hope she's doing ok. In some ways I feel whatever social/cultural capital i've accrued online isn't really rightfully "earned"... so maybe I should reconsider the way I even approach/conceptualize online, (often parasocial), relationships.

anyway, wanted to share this poem that arrived at my inbox this morning:

Daylight Saving, Age Five (by James Crews) — The night my mother turned back the clocks / I thought that while we slept the hours stolen / from everyone on earth would collect like coins / in a bank vault, so we’d wake up rich at last. / Even as my mother explained that it meant / only extra dreams in winter, only late light / returned to us with daffodils and rain in spring, / I was cupping my hands under every lamp, / keeping the fridge open, so the cold brightness / would pool at my feet. Honey, she said, it doesn’t / work like that. But I didn’t listen. I was seeing / daylight leaking slowly from the dripping comb / of the sun and into bowls, jars, and bottles— / anything with a lid I placed on the window sills / to gather the sweet morning light I wanted / to smear on slices of bread, eat with a spoon.


suddenly feeling so so alone. gotta be fiercely independent or else i won't survive in this world. fucking hell

listening to tiny ruins to hype myself up, sort of, for another week of running around trying to keep things together. i think i'm getting (all too easily) to feel self important. need to check my damn ego but god, feeling so weary


late october, 21the wohennankan to 1111111...1111.com connection!! wow.


mid september, 21dreams blending into the real and physical; been in a rut of sorts. i think its because i haven't been exercising... days are quiet and short, i think i'll clean the apartment today and have a nice long shower. devote some time to journaling again.


dang i netflix sprinted real hard and finished watching the midnight gospel and the good place. wow. overall i know i need to pull myself out of this rut. kind of accidentally pulled an all nighter yesterday and stayed up till 7 am, then fell back asleep and woke up at noon. take care of myself omg


early-late july, 21finished the whole Bojack series in 3-4, maybe 5 days. Adult animation really getting to me, i think its because it can be so whimsical (like with tuca & bertie) but also so serious and real. i want to note something about how BH is haunting: its the "keep dancing" mentality, but also the mass of faceless audience members and canned laughter. also the scene in The View from Halfway Down where Herb assures Bojack — that was also haunting, the way the music grows more positive sounding, optimistic almost, finding notes in the major key. i wonder if i'll feel at home with death; thinking about how that TikTok i saw a while back talked about the final moments as something peaceful, an eerie calm.

I'm listening to music I'd return to all the time last, last summer in 2019: tunes i'd download from Xiami because my VPN was super shaky. I like keeping some songs to myself. it feels nice, like a sense of knowing.


Looked into geomancy today and tried out a very amateurish, loose reading. I asked something along the lines of, “will I settle into a reliable routine (for my graphic design work)?” and drew Amissio as judge, Carcer as sentence/reconciliator, and Witnesses Fortuna Minor and Conjunctio.

After looking into blog posts about each and thinking over what I’ve been talking to with Mom lately, I’ve found it necessary and crucial that I heed her advice and attend to Carcer.

I’ve felt that my lack of private transportation has been a significant limitation to my movement, though perhaps it points more specifically to my two week long or so stretch of staying indoors: maybe the drawing is pointing me to explore the area more, take more public transit? Quit the convenience and ease of *just staying in*?

Fortuna minor makes sense, especially when combined with Conjunctio and Carcer — however it feels like there are also several contradictions in this set — Carcer and Conjunctio are inverses of each other; is it more severe of a situation because Carcer is my sentence?

Ultimately I can make sense of this, as Amissio tells me to let go of this [query?] and move on, that it does not help & is not good to be so jealous and possessive over things: for they will be lost anyway; energy is transferred, neither created nor destroyed.

I’m typing this under a stormy looking school of clouds, illuminated by the light that escapes in between

Back to the query, though: I’ve felt like the past two months, maybe even earlier than that — this half year so far I’ve been reassuring myself incessantly as well as telling others that I “need to settle into a routine,” “fix my sleep schedule” — but if I keep dallying on like this nothing will happen and I’ll feel pitiful and sorry for myself.

This had already happened before, it’s happened several times since 2020 began: after maybe two months or so of diligent exercise and eating I was feeling good, but then going home for a while had me feeling bloated, sickly, with a pretty low opinion of myself. But now it feels different, it feels like I have more of a purpose to make these decisions & stick to them, because I can refer to geomancy (or at least my filtered down version of it) as a checkpoint, a landmark.


early mid july, 21watched Gummo today, was struck afterwards by the scene where Tummler's eating spaghetti in the bathtub and hadn't realized there was a strip of bacon taped to the wall... it's then driven me to this spiral, rabbit hole of Youtubers doing various challenges, all name brand; thinking about TV dinners again. was steeped in this kind of ambivalent, hard to comprehend feeling — not really pity (i'm sure they wouldnt want that from some random stranger), a kind of detached resonance, maybe? it reminds me of that view from my trip in 2019, where the gas station was abandoned and the paint was peeling and flapping in the wind. it's a little funny that that stuck with me so much that i used it in my survey/choose your adventure game thing i made a month or so later.

but yeah, i dont know, i suddenly dont feel that alone, i feel grateful almost? for having such strong ties in some of my communities. something about not wanting to see people be forgotten


late june, 21finally bid farewell to my way too blank yard where i was still clinging to whatever new modernism it was. excited!! for a messier website that i will gladly return to regularly to tend to.

first day of july, 21still thinking about what Venkatesh Rao wrote about not having a stable, defined, reliable home in cyberspace: the past few days I've been wandering back and forth between social media (Instagram, Twitter) which feels like walking in a mall that's almost gonna close down alone. Coupled with this cloudy weather (every day feeling like the last, or more so like it's going to rain at any moment) i've been cooped up in my apartment which i've also been quite unmotivated to really do a deep clean of. I am excited to work on my gift for M though, even if it feels half a year too early to start.


early july, 21
poked around some small diy blogs and websites and came across some really nice writing about things in general; also would like to revisit some of these but putting them into my queue on are.na feels like too much. i think what i was trying to get at yesterday with my allovertheplace twitter thread was that i want to see people hacking together their own tools, no matter how janky they may seem. after having been on are.na so much for a while i'm coming to realize that maybe whatever tool, application, service, platform it is, it won't feel fully comfortable to me if i didn't build it. and so using are.na sometimes feels like snacking on "healthy junk food," what this piece gets at —

[got distracted from this by other online things, but] I'd like to write about this more extensively, more in depth, sometime soon. a lot of stuff on my to do list right now, and yet I also am struggling with this urge and impulse to throw out a bunch of links. but the good folk over at e-worm.club recommended these sites/ people's writing, which i want to safekeep here, at least: Francis Tseng, (writing section—) if i recall clearly he gave a tour of his worldbuilding/devlog channel at the spring channel walkthrough. his friend Casey also presented recently and it got me thinking about devlogs, games, these (virtual) worlds as something more than an immersive fun experience, something with the potential to shift our cultural understandings of connection (should i find a different word for this?)


Moominmamma taking out a tray of baked goods from the oven. There's a kettle on the counter, and the walls are made of brick.

Today I am grateful for my past self for collecting comfy tunes. I have this distinct memory of organizing a hs art gallery show with a few friends that didn't get approved, and staying in the space that afternoon, blaring this music as I worked away on a large piece of fabric (it was a piece of linen [?] around four, five feet on each side), jabbing a blue ballpoint pen at it to make up a random composition/portrait.

a portrait of a person, largely unfinished/partly finished, drawn in blue ink. the image is slightly posterized as i pulled this from a frame of a .gif.

Setting up the shows was the most exciting part of running the gallery; it also became a sort of shed, a place for me to put unused art materials. Dusty and safe. I think i was pretty judgmental; it's something i'm still working on. A lot of these artists' spaces, I've found, feel so important to me. From my mentor's studio where I'd work/lounge about to public monuments that I'd return to, trusting in the shadows of their sculptures, sketching has been a meditating and comfortable practice, as I've been able to be with myself more fully. i do sometimes wonder if the insistence to keep my hands busy comes from some other type of dread... more on that someday, i guess.

also been thinking about my habits online. i feel this here — neocities — has been the one place i feel somewhat at home. even though i want to establish some sort of twitter practice (?) so that i can thread thoughts together in a more stream of consciousness way, writing on twitter is still tweeting which is so different from writing... after talking to a friend and having an important conversation about the more unglamorous parts of being in the arts/design (jealousy and envy, feeling inadequate, fear of missing out on connections, etc.) i've been trying to resist the impulses to compare. not sure if talking about it with them made my case of this worse, but i guess this is all part of letting go of the ego.


Wish i could return to the beauty of Zero's soft gradients, but that's such an illusion, measuring food and energy in such a rigorous, scientific way... today I accidentally woke up real early around 5.30 and then slept until 10 again; this all feels almost too much.

starting to be more confident in my work. good things ahead, gotta make some content for that contest though


apr 28, 22woke up groggy past ten today, got on a call with someone and talked for a while. it was quite nice. then to class and my degree/thesis show... it was largely uneventful. talked a little with some people i know across my involvements and felt a little hollow. wanted to say hi to a former instructor, stood next to them when they were talking to other people, and retreated. it was awkward but i dont think i care much anymore

i still think of that question, how do you know you're not moving along too hastily? — how do you figure out how to pace yourself in life. cleaning up my desk and overhear someone talking about moving to new york, then, 'don't forget me!'

something about dont forget mes that makes you tilt your head and go, hm... met with a friend before the show and they said something like, I hope we stay friends after graduation and I said something like oh boy id desperately hope so and i now wonder whether that was too straightforward...

i wonder if i bring in emotions too easily in this semi-professional, professional-academic setting. expected more of an attachment from my instructor... it felt anticlimactic really. unsure. also feel that even though we have similar research interests, i dont generally find myself on similar wavelengths as them. but theres nothing wrong with that. maybe i got too into this mental image of being like them, with this swift persona.


mar 31, 22i'm back with a renewed longing to limit the times i check my social media. i was going through some old posts today and came across a mutual. it seems they have deactivated their account. i tap our messages and the last one is from last fall, when i offered them a URL to some comfort media and they thanked me for it. i hope theyre ok. something sad and solemn to the way their profile is so empty now

still listening to that song (—almost obsessively—) on soundcloud, and writing this to "Dark Hours" by Ainsley Farrell.


feb 23, 22somehow... somehow made it through Wednesday... I need to remember how (though rather mildly) horrible it was the past three days having not done work over the weekend. encountering roadblocks in degree project but it's okay—during group crits today I noticed I didn't take criticism/feedback too personally, which was good—though I still compared myself, quietly (in my head), with my peers... accepting that i'll need to work through this, but truly appreciating the "welcoming failure" mindset.


a row of skull emoji here... weatherh hit me real hard and i slept through class entirely assuming we'd still have to trek to campus. pissed at myself, but gonna pick myself up later. gdi


!! ah first diary entry for a rainy day. today was good... i wonder if it's because i kind of broke things down yesterday and had a good cry. i somehow survived all my classes, and things seem to be looking up for me. i'm excited to start working on the issue of the a.a. as well as program something for m.e.—was incredibly lucky to be trusted (however much) with the task of designing with/for them.

i got a copy of Hearing the Cloud today; I think it connects neatly with my final project for school, so I should probably read it for reference (and because it already feels so hearty). Also came across pareidolia, a new word for me to look into. things feel nice. i'm relatively content.

mid augustmintcream is such a nice CSS color, i want to use it more. also writing this at one in the morning... gonna go outside tomorrow (please let me escape this hellish rut) and get ice cream

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