a four-paned window, outlined in black. through the panel in the top left there's a sunny landscape, a road winding about the landscape. in the top right the scene is a little more gloomy, with clouds hanging overhead. at the bottom left raindrops melt away from the top edge of the panel. at the bottom right, a few lines hinting at sunlight that peeks through an opening shyly.

here is what i used to call "the public window"... before finally committing to keeping a diary, i'd been (i think) overly demonstrative of the things i'd share on the web. in an effort to practice some level of privacy and honoring personal boundaries, i'm keeping the private window but erasing the contents so that stuff that's a bit too embarrassing isn't as readily readable... some small, personal regrets i suppose.

alternatively, would you like to leave a message instead?

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