a drawing; a blobby figure sits at a table next to an oval. the text reads, 'what could be a fitting way to introduce myself?, blob thought. the way time slows and stills online made a bright “hi!” feel too rapid... blob then thought of the way the yard had gone through a handful of renovations; they seemed endless'—'maybe the about page could be a one sided conversation — blob decided — questions and exclamations strung together with trust'

hi, i like to think i'm the yardperson around here. what brings you here?

yeah... this used to be a maze of mirrors. that was when i moonlighted as a self proclaimed fortune teller.

hh no i don't. i do think picking up magic here and there is good, though. i've been very loosely looking into geomancy, so that's something.

mostly because it makes use of oppositions and the symbols are cool to draw. and it makes me a little appreciative of what little Latin i can still grasp.

not really, but i'd like to learn more languages. i really got into it because it made me feel vast, i think, because it felt like a secret; yes, when language becomes a kind of encryption. something hidden... that protective quality.

i like to think i don't have them, but i've scattered a bunch of random things across this website.

mm i mostly hang out at the window, though i'd like to populate the sketches archive a little more.

yes, i'm studying design; onto my final year of college.

take care & stay safe — have a beverage