a drawing; a blobby figure sits at a table next to an oval. the text reads, 'what could be a fitting way to introduce myself?, blob thought. the way time slows and stills online made a bright “hi!” feel too rapid... blob then thought of the way the yard had gone through a handful of renovations; they seemed endless'—'maybe the about page could be a one sided conversation — blob decided — questions and exclamations strung together with trust'

I've been writing letters. The epistolary format is a helpful aid for patience; thusly*, welcome to my yard! Hope you got around well enough when you landed.

   Call me yardperson. Here lies amongst this expanse of pixels — of server storage — my humble online abode. Hope you're cozy as you browse by. My goal in maintaining this here yard is to indulge in the fantastical whimsy that came so naturally to me as a child. This is an aspirational space where I relax and unload the tumult of... I guess, being a person?

   That is all. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Good day.

[*] quite excited to use this word for what feels like the first time